Superhero - Things We Need For The Journey
Last modified: 06 Apr 2012

Superhero - Things We Need For The Journey
Britain's hardest working band Superhero are back with a bang with their latest album, titled Things We Need For The Journey. If there is one band around who know how to graft then it's these lads and much respect must be given for that.

Superhero are one of those great British bands that have produced quality album after quality album and are actually never really given the credit they deserve for all the work and quality they put into their amazing live shows and creative albums. Looking back to their last release 'The Bicycle Thieves' proves how creative and imaginative this band can be. What is great to report is that the band have now taken another massive step forward and crafted the best piece of work of their long career. 

For me Superhero have always had this distinctive Superhero sound, yet on each album they have added sounds that have been apt for that time. The Superhero sound could come down to just being big guitars, big riffs and loud and passionate bass and drums. They are the true out and out rock band around at this moment who aren't scared to let their guitars do the talking.

But you can't talk about the Superhero Sound without mentioning one of the best voices in Christian Music. With his indie and vintage rock vocal Tim Cheshire sings his songs like it's the last time he might ever sing them, and that comes over on this latest album. You want a frontman who is going to give his all every time, and Tim certainly does that.

So after all this talk about Superhero, what does this new album sound like? Usually I review an album in order, but here I'm trying to pick out songs that have really jumped out at me. Things We Need For The Journey is an out and out rock song, with distorted guitars adding some swagger. There are some stunning guitar parts played throughout the whole of the song. We Were There is probably the most Superhero sounding track that the band have produced on this album, it has all the classic elements of a Superhero song all over it. The same could be said for tracks like No Surrender and the metal sounding Let's Kill Klaatu.

OMG took me a bit by surprise, maybe I didn't know what to expect from the title. But it's all about God's grace. Lyrically this is a stunning song "I know, I know I've only got myself to blame, it's true, I don't deserve your help in anyway. But here I am and I'm shouting at the sky... can you hear me" I love the whole feel, the powerful anthem vibe to this song, this could be Superhero's biggest live song and I can't wait to hear it live.

'Children Of The New Generation' has a very different Superhero sound. With a rhythmic acoustic guitar leading this song off, there are elements of a fun Mumford & Sons tone to it, with brass adding layers of magical musical dust. This has a very happy positive vibe to it. Humans has an indie radio-friendly aspect to it, with clever chords and clever vocals making it an atmospheric track which turns into a bit of a lo-fi anthem.

If anthemic rock is maybe a bit too soft for you then Graduation Day is a whole new level. The guitars seem to get bigger, louder, heavier and more in your face. This song live will get you jumping at the front of the mosh pit. There is only one way to describe it, this is classic rock n roll that can compete with all the greats. But for me the best track of the whole album has to be Troubles, again adding a bit of swagger similar to bands like Kasabian and Kings of Leon. I had this one on repeat the most of all the album's tracks.

Someone recently said that rock music was dead. After listening to this latest offering from Superhero I can officially declare, long live Rock! The band take inspiration from the modern rock bands of this time, Kings of Leon, Kasabian, The Vaccines, Foo Fighters, Beady Eye etc etc - yes I know it's easy for me to compare Superhero with these guitar based bands, yet at the same time they also take inspiration from the older classic rock bands and I'm sure once you have a listen you will hear the bands influences oozing throughout. What you can't get away from is that this is actually still a very Superhero sounding album, but with a newer, more mature, grown up sound. They have always been witty with their lyrics and this album is no different. Have Superhero produced their best collection of songs to date? Yes they have! Now go and buy this stunning album and then make sure you see them live. This is a band at their best.

Review by Jono Davies

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Children Of The New Generation
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