Review: Robin Mark

Nov 29 2011

A real test for songs that desire to lead us into worship are lyrics that bring to our memory the scriptures, thereby provoking us both mentally and spiritually into the powerful word and presence of God.

One of the challenges for the worship leader is to lead his/her listeners into a place of rest. Part of God's covenant with his people is to provide a place for them, a place of security and of rest. It started in the Garden of Eden and is provided in the present by the indwelling Holy Spirit and for the future in the picture of the new heaven and the new earth in the book of Revelation.

You may ask, hang on, why are you giving us a sermon when you are supposed to be describing this new album 'Fly' by Robin Mark.

Well the reason I have started in such vein is that in putting together this new album Robin Mark has passed both tests. Listening to the lyrics of these songs I found myself time and time again being drawn into the scriptures of God, for it's the power of God's Spirit that works in us as we hear scripture either directly or indirectly given.

'Fly' is the new and much awaited album from Robin Mark recorded live at Bangor Elim church, Northern Ireland earlier this year. The album is a good mix of congregational songs and songs that paint for us vivid picture stories as we journey into worship and communion with our God.

Robin's Celtic style leads us beautifully from song to song as we find rest in the love of Christ. That Celtic 'folksy' music style is most evident in his song 'The Young Man' the lyrics and melody are haunting and paint a picture of a woman, who witnesses the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Through Robin's clever lyrics we get to stand and witness with her as she first sees "the risen glory of The Young Man" - Jesus on that first Easter morning.

In a very different melodic style of song Robin then takes us back again to the cross in his song 'Calvary'. This is a place of rest, a place of God’s grace that very gently takes us through all that Jesus did for 'me' on the cross. In our very busy lives today this is a sobering song that demands that we step out of that busyness to sit at the foot of the cross and remind ourselves afresh of what happened there. This is a place of rest at the foot of the cross. This is a song not to be rushed in the listening or in its application to our daily lives.

As I listen to the tracks of this album I find myself on a relational journey, some that speak of the Fathers grace & love (He will not remember), the journey through life with God as our companion (Fly), what he did for our sakes at Calvary (Heavens Gate) to another that prompts us into a response to that love (Reign).

Other tracks on the album continue that journey; from one that reminds us that we are his (I will Walk), into a song that rejoices at Jesus victory, his resurrection and his coming again (Behold the Lamb) onto a song that makes me want to cry out my confession and cleansing before my Lord (Clean heart) and another that reaffirms our commitment to tell the world the good news about Jesus Christ the Lord and Saviour of the world (Change the world).

The album concludes with (You said) a song that looks to the future, our continuing journey with our Lord and Saviour and that promise of Eternity and makes our declaration call "You are the way, the truth and the life everlasting".

If you enjoy Robin Mark's style of worship then you will undoubtedly love this new album. If his style is not your normal route to worship then I would still recommend that you give it a listen. The words are words of God’s redemptive love and relationship with you and me.

Review by Steve Davies

LTTM Rating 4.5 Out of 5 Stars
Standout Tracks
Behold the Lamb
The Young Man

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