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May 17 2010

I write this a few hours after Ignite Hope 2010 in Cardiff has finished. For those who don't know about Ignite Hope 2010, it is a youth initiative between the churches of Cardiff and the Vale to help demonstrate Christian faith in action and explain the meaning of that faith. It was a weekend of doing God's work in the community.

I was part of a team that headed into Ely, doing gardening, talking to people about Jesus and painting local community halls so everyone in the community could use and be proud of those facilities. It was an amazing few days, the days were long, the work was hard, but it was all worth it.

My day basically went like this for 3 days: Wake up around 7am, head to Dinas Powys to pick up our youth, head into Cardiff on minibuses, have a coffee from one of the lovely coffee tents then worship God and listen to some teaching, then head into our projects, have some tea with the local churches hosting us, then during the evening the teams (around 1000 young people) headed back to the main base in the centre of Cardiff and worship God and thank Him for what He had done. During the evening there was some amazing preaching from Andy Hawthorn, Katie Martin and Nigel James, with worship lead by The Ignite Worship Team. All this was amazing, if a little tiring.

If that wasn’t enough, after the main meeting it was time for some of the best British bands around. Friday night saw Tom & Olly hit the stage with their high energy, fast paced songs. Sadly their set was cut short due to time and I'm sure I would have loved to hear some more of their classics from their debut album. Saturday night saw LZ7 take the stage, with their energetic set, you couldn’t help but be drawn into wanting to dance the night away. After seeing this band live I have to admit I am a big fan and can’t wait to hear more from these guys. Sunday night saw Scottish rockers Superhero as the live band for the evening, who played songs from all their albums. Some of the newer tracks really sounding amazing live.

I have to admit, I am very tired after the early mornings, long working days and late late nights. But this was an amazing weekend and I would do it again.


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