Jaemie Gina Releases An Edible Song About Family Christmas 'Around the Table'

Dec 21 2022

Jaemie Gina, a Christian Adult Contemporary singer/songwriter originally from Trinidad and Tobago now calling Norway her home, released an edible song about Family Christmas titled 'Around the Table' on 30th November 2022.

Her lyrics are naked and vulnerable, reflecting truths of peace, hope, faith and determination. Her songs have been described as "gifts of words to cling to God, in times of adversity." She enjoys throwing in a dramatic flair in her songs

An edible Christmas Song. The Family Christmas gathering is the time we maybe can feel most vulnerable, loved or misunderstood. 'Around the Table' highlights one of the real joys of christmas - just being together. Here is where all mistakes and past sins should be forgiven, left at the door… swallowed and forgotten …. The taste is bitter sweet.

Written at a time when coming together was restricted during the pandemic, buying presents became trivial when weighed up against being able to be physically together creating memories and sharing a meal physically together.

Around the Table evokes feelings of nostalgia, hope and gratefulness while Jaemie Gina creates vivid imagery with her storytelling and smooth vocals. 'Around the table' has a Contemporary Singer songwriting style with a dab of dramatic flair.

This song will be your go-to reminiscing song for all those times when you know your family had your back.

'Around The Table' is a great feel good Christmas and Thanksgiving song - an anytime-you-meet-up-with-family-song! Bring out the candles and kumbaya feelings.

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