New Acoustic Release 'Our Father' From Jaemie Gina In Time For Easter

Mar 08 2023

Trinidadian born singer songwriter Jaemie Gina releases her new acoustic single 'Our Father' that is sure to soothe the soul. With a combination of cello, guitar, and her signature soulful voice, Jaemie has created a unique and uplifting rendition of this beloved prayer.

"I've always been drawn to the Lord's Prayer and have sung many versions in my childhood and wanted to create a version that felt like a warm embrace," says Jaemie. "I'm so excited to share this special version with the world." In this contemplative and acoustic version, Jaemie Gina creates a sense of peace and calm. Her beautiful voice seamlessly transitions from the lyrics of the Lord's Prayer to the sound of the cello played by International Cellist Sebastian Dörfler and renowned “Garness” gitarist Ingelin Garnes Reigstad. This combination of spiritual lyrics and soulful music creates a powerful contemplative and meditative experience for the listener. It is a perfect background to a prayerful moment.

Jaemie has said, "The Lord's Prayer is one of the most iconic and practical prayers given to us and I wanted to create something that would honor its timelessness and power. I hope that it will help people to reconnect with the words of the prayer and to take a moment to reflect and find peace with their Heavenly Father."

Jaemie Gina's acoustic “Our Father” will be available on all streaming platforms Friday 24th March.

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