Royce Hood Captures Unborn Baby's Hearbeat In Emotional 'Fulton's Song'

Aug 19 2021

Royce Hood has released a special track titled 'Fulton's Song', a powerful release which has already brought thousands together in prayer. 'Fulton's Song' is a powerful composition inspired by Faith, Hope and Love. With over 20,000 views on YouTube 'Fulton's Song' sparked headlines and brought thousands together in prayer. Written and performed by Royce Hood, Fulton's father, 'Fulton's Song' was recorded over the sound of baby Fulton's heartbeat (captured at the 22 week ultrasound). The song was played for baby Fulton nightly while he was in-utero.

Baby Fulton Joseph was diagnosed with Potter's Syndrome during his 20 week ultrasound. Potter's Syndrome means the baby has no kidneys and bladder, among other complications. At 22 weeks Fulton's dad, Royce Hood, recorded the audio from Fulton's heartbeat. The heartbeat was then used as the metronome and rhythm for recording Fulton's Song. In February of 2021 the story was picked up by a number of national news outlets, radio and online publications. As word quickly spread about Fulton's condition thousands of people from around the world came together praying for a miracle. Fulton was expected to be born alive but would likely only live a few hours due to his condition. Fulton's parents completely surrendered to God's Will but prayed hard for a miracle.

Fulton's Song opens lyrically with a verse about surrendering spiritually at the foot of the Cross. "Before this Cross we surrender our hearts. Miracle, miracle from the start."

Sometimes we get the miracle we need instead of the miracle that we want. Fulton was still born on Good Friday, April 2, 2021. Had he been born alive Fulton would have suffered. Instead he went peacefully from the womb to the arms of Jesus. Just a week earlier during the 39 week ultrasound Fulton was alive and well. His parents were able to take a video of the 39 week ultrasound which appears to show something miraculous alongside Fulton's face. See the artwork. Was this a sign that prayers were answered?

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