Stefan Green Releasing Solo Single 'Battlefield'

Jun 30 2021

Stefan Green is releasing his first solo single 'Battlefield' on 9 July 2021. Stefan has previously co-written songs such as 'Grateful' with over 3.3 million views and 'I Can't Believe' with over 6 million views on YouTube alone, and contributed to a GMA Dove Award worship album nomination with songs on 'Here As In Heaven' and 'There Is A Cloud'.

From the streets of Cape Town, South Africa Stefan Green has seen the scars and broken layers of humanity, as well as a true hope found in Jesus. From school in cape town, to college in the states, he has learnt from musicians on a global scale. Through his experience, he brings a unique edge in releasing a sound that will become the doorway for many to find Jesus. The last ten years have involved countless songs and publications with writers across the world, from Elevation Church in the USA, Life Worship in the UK, all the way to Hillsong in Australia. He is committed to crafting and creating music that is written with a soul that is set out to connect people to the heart of God. He has decided to launch forward with an exciting solo project, 'Battlefield' coming out soon.

"The song 'Battlefield' took form while walking through seasons in life where I felt as if God’s hand on my life would expire. But time proved His love more than I had ever known before and proved me wrong. I finally realised during the battles that when conflict feels it's at its worst, He’s not anywhere besides by my side.

I've learnt that the battlefield is not a place of defeat, but of new beginnings. Just like a volcano, a war can destroy but it can also create the most beautiful landscapes and give way to new beginnings. The battlefield is a place of refining and equipping and less of a punishment as I had viewed it as before. This song is for the ones walking through depression, anxiety, pain and trauma that haunts you no matter how hard you pray, sing or fast. I hope you walk away from this song and realise you have a companion on your battlefield, and the battlefield belongs to him."

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