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Songwriter and Worship Leader Stefan Green, part of the Hillsong South Africa Worship Team, has released his second single 'Help'.

"The Holy Spirit is undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts we were ever given. While we said goodbye to Jesus walking the earth, we were introduced to something far greater, The Holy Spirit. I wish I could say I have always made “use” of this gift and deemed it greater than having Jesus literally walking by my side, yet ignorance has caused me to neglect a weapon within my reach. The Holy Spirit is more...
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Stefan Green Releasing Solo Single 'Battlefield'
Jun 30 2021

Stefan Green Releasing Solo Single 'Battlefield'

Stefan Green is releasing his first solo single 'Battlefield' on 9 July 2021. Stefan has previously co-written songs such as 'Grateful' with over 3.3 million views and 'I Can't Believe' with over 6 million views on YouTube alone…

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