David Crowder Band - Church Music
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David Crowder Band - Church Music
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David Crowder Band is another one of my Twitter bands. By that I mean I pretty much only became aware of them through other people tweeting about them. However, unlike Alabaster Box (my other Twitter band), it wasn't the music I was introduced to. Instead my first experience of the David Crowder Band was one of their spoof rockumentaries on YouTube, which was hilarious. So I was very intrigued to hear their music.

The album opens with the haunting tones of Phos Hilaron setting the scene for a really interesting album before Alleluia, Sing eases in bringing in some Kings of Leon style vocals. The Nearness is very melodic and catchy; it will have you singing along before the first chorus is over.

The album was recorded to fit as one complete piece of music, so essentially you can listen to it as 17 separate tracks or 73 minutes of solid music. Very tricky to create, very easy to get wrong and learning this did make me a bit nervous but it actually works very successfully in this case. There is a danger that each song could be too similar to the last to be able to stand alone or to make a diverse album, and at times it's a very close call but then a song will suddenly inject something new into the mix and save it.

I was also a bit confused about the title 'Church Music' after a few tracks as I had assumed that it was going to be an album of new material for Sunday services and I really couldn't see my local Church singing any of them. It turns out however, that the title is merely aimed as a representation of the diversity of music there is in the Christian scene.

Musically it's a very arty album which I can only compare with the Kings of Leon sound. As a whole it's full of very atmospheric, almost anthemic sounds and a great listen.

Review by Suzanne Physick

Stand Out Tracks
The Nearness
Eastern Hymn
Church Music " Dance[!]
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