David Crowder Band To Release 'Church Music' Album

Jul 24 2009

David Crowder Band will release their fifth studio album 'Church Music' on 22nd September. The band hopes their self-produced recording will prompt listeners to recognise the continual evolvement of music within the church as well as transport them into an awareness that we exist within the very presence of God, therefore allowing Church Music to happen anywhere.

"I hope this album serves as a reminder of music within the Church, of its richness and its broadness, and the tension that exists in using elements of cultural language to express our collective experience and also still remain a transformative presence that is set apart," admits band front man David Crowder.

To add to the uniqueness of the album, the 17 songs on the album play continuously from beginning to end with one song blending into the next. In order to accomplish this, the band poured an immense amount of work into the process, sequencing the tracks before anything had been recorded so keys and tempos could be finalized. The result: 73 full minutes of music - 17 tracks, which ably stand alone, while at the same time seamlessly join together.

"We asked ourselves, if we, as a band, were to throw our arms around the popular music of our time, here in 2009, how would we do it," says Crowder. "We started with the track. We programmed the album first, forcing ourselves to write from the track up, and then, after the song emerged, we dismantled it, replacing much of the programming with live instrumentation but leaving the fundamentals that the song emerged from intact."

The band's first single from the album, 'How He Loves', achieved the number 1 spot on the iTunes 'Christian and Gospel Singles Chart' the week it was released.

David Crowder Band will headline the 'Church Music Tour' with opening acts Danyew and Seabird starting in October. Appropriately titled, most of the tour's 32 stops will take place in churches across the USA.

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