Worship Central To Release 'Lifting High'

Sep 10 2009

Worship Central is set to release its first album, 'Lifting High', on 9th October. Worship Central is a school of worship from Alpha International, led by Tim Hughes and Al Gordon, with a vision to encounter God, equip the worshipper and empower the local church. Since launching in 2006, tens of thousands of people have attended training events on three continents, and hundreds of thousands have visited the website for practical resources.

Tim Hughes states "There's a real need to train worship leaders spiritually, practically and with good leadership skills. Our passion is to see the worship life of the local church around the world explode."

Worship Central's first album includes songs that have connected with the hearts of those at Worship Central events across the world, as well as four brand new recorded songs. Featuring Tim Hughes, Al Gordon, Ben Cantelon, Brenton Brown, Nikki Fletcher and Luke Hellebronth.

Track listing:
1 Give us Your Courage - Tim Hughes
2 Happy Day - Tim Hughes
3 Adoration - Brenton Brown
4 Glory in the Highest - Al Gordon & Luke Hellebronth
5 Not Ashamed - Ben Cantelon
6 This Is Our God - Beth Coulson
7 Ashes To Beauty - The Vine Band
8 Because of Your Love - Al Gordon
9 Catch Me - Tim Hughes & Nikki Fletcher
10 So Great - Tim Hughes
11 Worship the Lord - Al Gordon
12 Love Came Down - Ben Cantelon
13 Living For Your Glory - Tim Hughes
14 Hallelujah - Ben Cantelon

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