Amy Grant - Somewhere Down The Road
Last modified: 20 Feb 2010

Amy Grant - Somewhere Down The Road
Amy Grant has had an extensive career in the Chrisitian Music industry beginning with self titled debut album Amy Grant, released back in 1977 she has then go on to release another 17 studio albums, she has achieved Six GRAMMY Awards and now is releasing her new album Somewhere Down the Road. Here's a snap shot of the songs on the album that jumped out to me, although there aren't any real disappointments on this track listing.

The opening track 'Better than a Hallelujah' takes an interesting approach in describing the heart of God towards us in worship, well worth a listen, thought provoking lyrics with a beautiful melodic line.

The second track on the album 'Overnight' features Amy's daughter Sarah Chapman as a guest vocalist. The song looks at issue of patience and perseverance, as often God will use time to develop our characters rather than allowing things to happen easily overnight. A point portrayed brilliantly in the film 'Evan All Mighty' where Morgan Freeman who plays God, explains that if we pray for patience God will probably provide us with a situation to help us practice being patient rather that just handing the characteristic over to us like a McDonald's drive through!

'What of the Chance of that' instantly reminded me of Sheryl Crow with a very similar musical style, if you're not familiar with Amy Grant's music hopefully this will help you know if this is the album your looking for!

Amy has included a cover of the song 'I can only Imagine' originally brought into the spotlight by "Mercy Me" a softer take on the original though the song suits Amy's vocals beautifully.

Overall this is a relaxed album with thought provoking lyrics many songs with a challenging message especially the track "Third World Woman" the lyrics of which paint those all too familiar pictures of desperation, hunger and poverty shown on the World News, what will be your response to such a challenge?

Review by Hannah Davies

LTTM Rating out 4 out of 5 Stars
Standout Tracks
Better Than Hallelujah
What of the Change

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