Lifehouse - Smoke & Mirrors


Smoke & Mirrors


02 Mar 2010 (US), 03 May 2010 (UK)

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I'm a huge geek so I love technology and the internet. But there are times when having access to so much international information isn't a good thing. One such time is when an album gets released in America before England and you end up seeing reviews and tweets from people who already have an album you desperately want! The Stephanie Smith EP was an example but Lifehouse has been an even bigger saga. We were supposed to be getting the album a week after America (UK release March 8th) and I had my pre-order in with a webstore that has...
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New Album 'Smoke & Mirrors' Released By Lifehouse

New Album 'Smoke & Mirrors' Released By Lifehouse

American alternative rock band Lifehouse have released their fifth studio album, 'Smoke & Mirrors'. The new album includes the first single 'Halfway Gone' and features a more upbeat tone than previous album 'Who We Are' (2007)…

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