BRM Releases 'Out the Mud' Feat. Zeno Suave & TC

Sep 07 2020

Rap artist Brandon aka BRM, has released his new song 'Out The Mud' featuring Zeno Suave & TC. The song speaks of being pulled out the “Mud”, filth, sin in your life, and is available on all platforms now.

"About 8 years ago I was certainly rolling around in the dirt and “Mud” of life" explains BRM. "Almost lost my marriage, future, and life that I had planned out. God met me where I was at and pulled me “OUT THE MUD!” I’ll never forget that and the forgiveness and grace shown to me. I brought a few friends with me for this track, (TC) to help explain what the mud can look like and bring the hook to life through the catchy singing of (Zeno Suave)."

BRM is a Rap artist who isn’t afraid to tell his story through his lyrics. With catchy hooks, energetic flow, and bold lyrics you hear emotion, feelings, testimony, and life story. BRM has a very unique sound that point people to GOD!

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