Jordan Wayne Lee Releases Instrumental Ambient Post-Rock Worship

Jun 15 2020

Jordan Wayne Lee, an artist who creates experimental instrumental rock music based in Los Angeles, California, has released 3 albums recently, exploring instrumental ambient post-rock as experimental worship music. 'Constructs of a Human Sanctuary', 'Within the White Light' and 'Both / And' are featured on all major streaming platforms. Jordan's music is inspired by nature, ambient sounds and spiritual worship.

"I wrote everything in single takes looping delays, reverbs and analog effects through guitars and vintage Rhodes pianos - I play parts with a cello bow on the guitar strings as well", he explains. "The goal was to explore a form of worship music for the quiet solitude outside of the current forms of worship. My goal is create space for prayer and quiet moments with the Lord without interfering in those personal times. I intentionally left it feel raw in the mixes to keep a feeling of humanity in the work - I did not want to cut up, engineer or over-produce these efforts."

His goal is to explore layers of noise with self-imposed restrictions. Finding complexity within tones and effects while taking a minimal approach to recording and composition. As an art director and designer, he approaches the tonality, notation, composition and arrangements from a designed perspective integrating tempo and composition that is heavily influenced through the use of the golden ratio, grids and design fundamentals as sound explorations.

Jordan grew up playing in a number of punk rock, shoegaze and hardcore bands in the Pacific Northwest on the outskirts of the Seattle grunge scene. Later he went on to play in multiple projects in TN, studying music, theology and communications in college and playing in a number of bands opening for national touring acts.

Life led him in a different direction through digital design - working with major global brands - and he stepped away from music for almost a decade. This is a collection of work from life experience, design and spirituality.

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