Melissa Pettignano Scores Success With Recreated Single 'Dear Lord Jesus'

Apr 17 2020

Award winning recording artist, songwriter, author and inspirational speaker Melissa Pettignano released a recreated version of the song 'Dear Lord Jesus' last year, hitting #1 on the Christian Radio Charts and being nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award for Christian / Gospel, and winning a Josie Music Award for Best Gospel / Christian / Inspirational vocalist of the year.

Melissa’s parents knew she was a true artist in her own right for all the many gifts and blessings she was given by the Grace of God. From a very young age she knew she was destined for something more, something bigger beyond herself, thanks to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She knew she was destined to be a performer, as well as all the other talents she possessed.

At the age of seven years old, Melissa started performing. She would perform in school, at other schools, contests, talents shows, family functions, events, and of course her favorite place: The Church of the Lord singing Gospel music. In 2003, Melissa won for Outstanding Soloist at the Six Flags Grade Adventure Competition. Her school chorus as well won that year.

Melissa has won countless awards for singing, but she is also an author and has won awards in the literary field. After completing tenth-grade, she knew it was time to pursue her careers all the way. After discussing with her family, she was home-schooled for the last two years of her high school education. In that time, she was signed to IMTS - Industry Model and Talent Studios, at the bold age of eighteen. There is where she started with modeling, as well as the opportunity to be an extra in the Sony feature film Spider Man 3.

In 2009, Melissa and her father Raymond Pettignano Sr., wrote a song entitled “Gave you One More Chance”, which had started to already get radio airplay. In 2015, Melissa along with her father Raymond, worked with the Legendary Grammy-nominated multi-platinum producer Steve “Mr.Mig” Migliore on developing “Gave You One More Chance” into a remixed radio version and remixed extended version, as well as working on a single titled “Dear Lord Jesus”, also written by Melissa and her father.

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