Matt Redman Releases New Album 'Let There Be Wonder'

Jan 31 2020

A key songwriter and worship leader for today's church, Matt Redman has released his highly anticipated new album 'Let There Be Wonder', his 14th release and his first with Integrity Music. Redman shares, "I think there’s a need in our society and in church to absolutely name Him, to not just speak generically about who God is but to put a name on Him and to declare it and to say it - to sing the name of Jesus."

In a world where chaos, death and despair are constantly knocking on the door of people's heart, it is crucial for us to sing about the hope Jesus brings and the reality of His presence in our daily lives. These songs are a collection of anthems for this time in history, bringing fresh revelation and new momentum for the Church around the globe. This is reflected by Redman's multiple collaborations with international worship artists, writing and honing melodies that, as Redman says, "encapsulate a lot of what has been in my heart when it comes to worship in these last few years."

"Worship songs will never be able to paint the full picture of God’s glory, but it’s so important that we aim high and give our best effort to conveying Him as fully as we can. When we do this, it’s much more honouring to God, and it’s much more helpful for us. My hope and prayer for this new record is that we’d find ourselves caught up in the life-giving worship of the true and living God. Let there be wonder!" Matt Redman

2020 promises to be a full year for Matt Redman as he's set to appear at numerous shows, conferences, and services around the world. A headlining tour is also planned for late spring.

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