Diamonds To Dust Releasing 'Faith or Desire' EP

Dec 20 2019

New York based Christian Post-Hardcore/Metalcore band Diamonds To Dust release their new EP 'Faith or Desire' in late January 2020.

Diamonds to Dust was formed in Poughkeepsie New York in 2012. The band was formed on the premise that people with different experiences and stories could come together to make music. The original lineup consisted of Jenna Sedlak (Vocals), Matt Colgan (drums), Ryan Cuifo (Bass), Vincent Drummond (Guitar), Barry Hogue (Guitar, screaming vocals). Together they wrote their first single Ashes to Ashes. Shortly after the band went their separate ways due to their musical influences being too different and the members could not agree on a direction in which the band could move forward.

In December of 2013 Barry Hogue decided to jump start Diamonds to Dust once again. This time he would use influences from metal, hard rock, post-hardcore and pop punk to create a solid foundation. By using bands such as A Day to Remember, Paramore, Breaking Benjamin, Four Years Strong, Skillet, Chunk No Captain Chunk, Killswitch Engage, and For Today, he began hitting the studio to record Diamonds to Dust debut album Faith Through Trials. With the recruitment of Joe Ayala (male vocals), Angelica Hogue (female vocals), Mike Odell (guitar), Nico Petroccitto (bass), and Melvin Hogue (drums) the lineup was completed.

In the middle of 2014 Diamonds to Dust was signed to Barry Hogue’s label Manifest Records along with Poughkeepsie based metalcore band If I Were You. After signing to Manifest Records Diamonds to Dust was able to release their debut album on October 31, 2014.

In July of 2015 Diamonds to Dust went through a complete lineup change. Mike O’dell, Angelica Hogue and Nico Petroccitto had exited the band. Mike O’dell was replaced by Joe Ayla who would still continue to do vocals, but would also take over the position of guitar, Nico Petroccitto was replaced by Bryan Corns on bass and Angelica Hogue was replaced by Gavin Morrison who has a variety of singing ranges. Gavin Morrison would also take over the position of screamer in the band. Diamonds to Dust released their second album Sense of Freedom July 1st 2016.

On September 15th 2016 Diamonds to Dust went through another lineup change. Vocalist Gavin Morrison and Joe Ayala along with bassist Bryan Corns left the band. Gavin’s departure was due to not agreeing with the band’s message. Although he accepts the band has a Christian background he could no longer support something he did not believe in and decided that it was time for him to forge his own path as a solo artist. Joe Ayala got a promotion at his job and is now climbing the corporate latter which did not leave much time for him to commit to the band full-time. Bryan Corns had to leave due to developing carpal tunnel in his wrist. This left the band with only 2 of its original members, Barry Hogue and Melvin Hogue. Barry Hogue would once again take over the screaming vocals, but he would also take over the singing vocals while still playing guitar. In November of 2016 Tyler Ronconi joined Diamonds to Dust as the lead guitarist and brought a new element to the band that had never existed before. In December 2016 Virginia Califano joined as the new bassist and vocalist, which would also revert the band back to its roots with having male and female singing. The band would be further solidified when they announced that they have become a complete Christian band. Melvin Hogue had this to say about the new line up “it is great that we are all on the same page musically and since we are all Christian it just makes it that much easier to write together. It is also easier being a 4 piece band, since there is just less people to worry about”. Diamonds to Dust third album Aging of the Weary was released March 17, 2017.

In February of 2018 Ty Roconi and Virginia Califano would leave Diamonds to Dust to start their own country band call Way Behind The Sun. This again left the band with its 2 original members Barry and Melvin Hogue who went to record and release their fourth album Conservation of the Spirit on June 29th 2018. In this album Barry did all the vocals. Christian Roche would be added to the band in January of 2019 which would make them a 3 piece Christian metal band.

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