Lou Fellingham Releases First Single 'Miracle Or Not' As Part of An Alternative Singles Series

Nov 23 2019

Integrity Music is delighted to announce three creative rethinks off Lou Fellingham’s latest album, “Made For You.” The series is kicked off by a moving stripped-back arrangement of “Miracle Or Not” featuring prominent piano parts and strings. Lou explains, "One thing I’m sure of though is that our hope has to be in Him, the miracle Maker, not the miracle itself. The miracle will come and go but He will be around forever." The song is a raw melody of ache and unwavering trust in God:

“I will sing it till my broken heart believes it
I’ll declare it ‘til I smell the smoke of faith
With my hands held high I’ll scream it in the darkness
‘Til hope is finally louder than the ache.”

An alternative version of “Jesus You’re With Us” will follow, set to release on December 20th. In this single, Lou is exploring a more atmospheric soundscape through which a message of hope unfolds. It is a song that reflects God’s call in Romans 12:15 to “mourn with those who mourn” and that reminds to look to the Lord in times of trouble.

“He’ll deliver you
He’s protecting you
Let His love be your home.”

Lastly, “Ready For You” will be out on January 10th. The closing single to this series features a driving drum beat and an energy that inspires faith to the listeners. This song portrays a desire to pursue the fullness of a life lived with God.

“With hearts wide open
And hands held high
Our faith is rising
Our battle cry”

Lou Fellingham is currently touring the UK, leading hundreds in worship with her honest songs and kindness that leaves no one untouched.

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