The Moment Release Music Video & Single 'In The Waiting'

Oct 21 2019

British band The Moment have released their new music video 'In The Waiting'. The song is also available now to stream and download on all digital platforms.

"Following the release of Life Out Loud in April 2019 Chris Eaton and I were moved by the messages we received informing us of the impact the song had had on individuals lives", explains Dave Bell, lead singer of The Moment. "Stories of healings, stories of renewed hope, of loved ones being given a fresh perspective whilst battling through circumstances they found themselves in.

At the same time I saw family members in the midst of health challenges, holding on and remaining faithful even though a promise of healing had yet too manifest. Chris and I got back around the piano and out of these stories “In the waiting” was written.

This song is stripped back, a simple vocal and piano charts what I feel were the prayers of those closest to me. It’s honest and raw... but infused with hope.

One thing I have learnt in my own walk with God is that waiting time is never wasted time. Reading the bible I am reminded that during the waiting periods I am in great company. David waited 15 years to become king. God promised Abraham a son but it was 25 years before he was born. Joseph waited 13 years in Egypt before meeting with his family. Noah waited 120 years before the predicted rain arrived and Jesus waited 30 years to be released into ministry.

When we are in the waiting, no matter what it is for wether its for the manifestation of a healing, for a prodigal to walk back through the church doors, waiting for a husband, a wife, or the chance to become a parent, we must remember that we are in good company. Jesus is in the waiting.

We would love you to share this song with someone you know who is in that waiting period of life. We pray it brings fresh perspective, renewed hope and a presence of God like never before. "

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