Brad + Rebekah Continue Global Touring Efforts Post Cancer Miracle

Nov 18 2018

Worship duo Brad + Rebekah are returning to the road following a cancer battle. The parents of two just unveiled a video fully sharing the story of God’s faithfulness throughout Rebekah’s diagnosis. Days before the couple released their latest album Sound Of Heaven (Feb. 16), Rebekah was diagnosed with an inoperable cancerous, tumor in her stomach leading to a multiple month long battle followed by the cancer being removed in a miraculous way.

This fall found their return to leading worship at their Arizona-based, home church Christ’s Church of the Valley, followed by nationwide stops including Orlando and Fairfax. Continuing their long-time partnership with Watoto in Uganda, Brad + Rebekah just returned from Uganda where they served the child care ministry which was birthed in response to the growing number of orphans and vulnerable children in the area. They will be trekking to the Honduras and more continuing to share their miraculous story under the tour name “Our Sound Is Louder.”

Brad + Rebekah just embarked on their eleventh year of ministry together. Their earlier release of Sound Of Heaven marked the continuation of a four-year long, album making process where the global worship couple asked 50 pastors nationwide what is needed in the worship songs of the church.

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