Judah Band Release New Album 'Gone Fishin'

AdvertSep 25 2018

Christian pop/rock band Judah Band have released their new album 'Gone Fishin', following their 'More Than I Ever Expected' EP released earlier this year.

Judah Band, affectionately known as JB, is not just a band, but also a global movement. Founded and lead by producer, songwriter and singer, G. Randy Weston, JB possesses an energy and presence not many can contest.

With their melting pot of music genres including, Gospel, Rock, Pop and Classical, Judah Band's sound has the ability to circumvent all cultural backgrounds and tear down denominational barriers. They are devoutly committed to their faith and spreading the love of Christ with one mission: to give God Glory, without compromising unique artistic execution.

On the way to Glory, with coined battle cry and mission in tow, they are dedicated to bring down walls of depression, heartache, poverty, and all other issues standing in the way of true freedom in Christ. Their message is free and clear to all who have an ear to hear. A mission worthy of fighting for... God's Glory!

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