Mountain Natives Release New EP 'We Call Each Other Home'

May 29 2018

Mountain Natives, an indie folk husband and wife duo from Dallas, Texas, consisting of Philip and Loren Pappas, have released their new EP 'We Call Each Other Home'.

Philip and Loren wanted to write an album that encouraged them to focus on the good things in life after a scare with cancer. "Storm of Words" is about digging in and choosing love even in a disagreement. "Two Sides of the Same Coin" is a sweet song that takes it a step further to say that, while different, they are one.

"We Call Each Other Home" was born out of the joys of travelling together and to encourage them to make new memories and know that a home is family and not a physical place. "Bright Eyes" came about to encourage them to stick out hard times when things don't makes sense and not going the way they thought it would. "Tabernacle" is a walk through the deep things in life and finding mean.

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