Kevin Max Unveils First 7-Tracks From His 13th Studio Album 'AWOL'

Jan 22 2018

Grammy award winning vocalist and songwriter Kevin Max has released the first 'side' of his 13th studio album 'AWOL', recorded in NYC-Queens in the fall of 2017 following a successful PledgeMusic campaign.

'AWOL' features the first 7 tracks written and recorded by Max and his producer Kieran Kelly. The studio players feature iconic bass player Andy Rourke of The Smiths and drummer Matt Johnson of the St. Vincent band, as well as members of the band Passenger. Max states, "This album is probably the most anglophile centric album of my career, & is about paying homage to my heroes as well as creating songs that cannot be defined by a genre. The songs range from anthems of non-conformity to gothic romantic tales of adventure."

In order to finish the second side of the album at the Buddy Project Studio in NYC, Kevin Max is asking fans to pledge for exclusives and the finished album. "If you are a fan of brit rock, new wave or electro synth this will be an album you will want to add to your collection without hesitating. If you are a fan of Kevin Max and understand the canon of work that he has created up to this point, you will know that without a doubt this music will be quality and cutting edge. Here we go, lets all go AWOL!!!!"

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