Liz Clarke Announces Release Of New Album 'Destiny'

May 05 2014

Acclaimed singer/songwriter Liz Clarke will release her new album 'Destiny' on 12th May 2014 through Plankton Records.

As with her previous album, 2011's 'Path of Dreams' Liz recorded the album with multi-instrumentalist, producer and arranger Paul Mcilwaine.

"This album is different from Liz's previous albums" shares Plankton Records' Keith Dixon, "in so much as we are treating it in the same way as what I call a 'Rarities & B sides' album.

Liz and Paul have been writing and recording in short sessions for the last few years and the results of these recordings have just been sitting on the hard drive in Paul's studio.

When I heard some of these recordings I suggested that we should make them available and 'Destiny' is the result."

'Destiny' feature songs of varying styles, ranging from fast energetic blues, through to thoughtful ballads, to show tunes and some traditional Irish songs, reflecting both Liz and Paul's roots and heritage.

'Destiny' Track Listing:
1. Driftin' Sun
2. Red Red Rose
3. My Destiny
4. Summertime
5. Give Me The Answer
6. Burning With The Blues
7. She Moved Through The Fair
8. Threw It All Away
9. When You Are Near
10. It Will Be Alright

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