Blog: LTTM Awards 2013 - No. 1: LZ7 - Aftershow

Jan 06 2014

Voted in at Number 1, the winner of the LTTM Awards 2013 is the album 'Aftershow' from LZ7.

Released:07 Oct 2013

Track Listing:
1. Aftershow
2. Give Out The Love
3. Symphony
4. Overcome By Love (feat. Matt Redman)
5. Whoever Said (feat. Guvna B)
6. Next Level (feat. Soul Glow Activator, FamilyForce5)
7. Beautiful Exchange (feat. Denny White)
8. Strobot
9. Shades
10. Mission Control
11. Brave Face (feat. Jake Isaac)
12. Irreversible
13. Cause An Attack
14. Escape
15. Joyride

Popular British band LZ7 have released their brand new studio album titled 'Aftershow'. 

The album is full of great songs and even features a guest appearance and co-writes with worship leader Matt Redman, plus collaborations with UK rapper Guvna B and American Christian rock band Family Force...
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