Martin Smith Releases Debut Solo Album 'God's Great Dance Floor Step 01'

Apr 22 2013

The first full-length solo debut album from Martin Smith, the former Delirious lead singer, is released this week. 'God's Great Dance Floor - Step 01' features 10 songs, including the tracks from his 'Movement One' and 'Movement Two' mini-EPs, plus two new songs, 'Jesus Of Nazareth' and 'Shepherd Boy'.

Additionally, iTunes are offering 4 bonus tracks, including an acoustic version of the new Martin Smith / Chris Tomlin penned song 'Waiting Here For You', an acoustic version of the classic Delirious hit 'Obsession', another classic Delirious song 'Jesus Blood', and 'Fill My Cup', which was featured on the Martin Smith-driven, multi-artist charity CD/DVD 'CompassionArt: Creating Freedom From Poverty'.

Discussing album track 'Back To The Start (God's Great Dance Floor)', which was co-written by Martin and 2013 GRAMMY winner Jonas Myrin ('10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)') and features an accompanying music video, Martin explains "It's a prodigal song about finding my way back to everything that matters most; finding God in it all again. Anybody can get on the dance floor, that's the great thing about Christianity. It doesn't matter where you come from, or what you've done... everyone is invited to the party. It's all about grace."

Recorded in collaboration with a young team of musicians from St. Peter's Church, Brighton, the album evolved from Martin's recent solo EP recordings which were produced independently in his home studio.

"I didn't just want to make a record with a bunch of great session guys," Martin explains. "That would've been easier. But we've been on a big journey in Brighton, and these songs have been written with community in mind. I wanted to encourage their lives and infuse their energy into the songs... you can just feel the energy and hear the joy in the music. I'm really proud of it."

A second full-length album from Martin, titled 'Step 02' will follow in October 2013, featuring the tracks from his third and fourth EPs, plus additional new songs.

Martin kicks off the three date God's Great Dance Floor Tour at his own church, St Peters in Brighton, on Friday 19th April 2013, with tickets available to members of his website. On 20th April he performs in Birmingham, and on 21st April at Audacious Church, Manchester.

'God's Great Dance Floor - Step 01'
Track Listing:

01 Awake My Soul
02 Fire Never Sleeps
03 Back To The Start
04 Waiting Here For You
05 You Carry Me
06 Safe In Your Arms
07 Jesus Of Nazareth
08 Soldiers
09 Catch Every Tear Drop
10 Shepherd Boy
11 * Waiting Here for You (Acoustic)
12 * Obsession (Acoustic)
13 * Jesus Blood (Bonus)
14 * Fill My Cup (Bonus)
* iTunes Only

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