Ishmael Records 'Songs & Hymns' With Martin Smith, Dave Bilbrough, Cathy Burton & More

Mar 08 2011

Renowned British singer/songwriter Ishmael will release a new album titled 'Songs & Hymns' in April 2011, featuring special guests Martin Smith, Dave Bilbrough, Cathy Burton, Aaron Frith and Andy Piercy. Ishmael, writer of songs including 'Father God I Wonder' and numerous books, now releases his 34th album with songs which are congregational, heartfelt, uplifting and transcend the generations in worship.

Much-loved for his children's and all-age worship songs, 'Songs & Hymns' is a celebration of a remarkable man and his ministry, written after Ishmael's struggle with cancer and through personal grief, testing and ultimately hope.

"For my last 33 albums I wrote and recorded songs to encourage children to worship, but this time I needed to write songs and record an album to encourage ME to worship," writes Ishmael in the sleeve notes. "I also wanted to re-record a few of the older songs that have meant so much to me. With all my unanswered questions I realise that God is God and is always worthy of praise."

'Songs & Hymns' Track Listing:
The Presence Of The Lord
Father You Made Us
Oh The Peace
Disciples Of Jesus
Hallelujah, Praise To Jesus
Amazing Love
There Is One True Messiah
Psalm 139
Blessed Is The King Who Comes
God Is Here, God Is Present
I Just Thank God
Almighty God Is Here
May The Peace And Presence Of The Lord

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