Arthur Dobrucki Unveils New Album 'I Might Be Praying'

Jul 10 2024

Composer and multi-keyboardist Arthur Dobrucki brings listeners into a meditative space with his latest album, 'I Might Be Praying'. The compositional ambient work is a soul-stirring journey blending Gregorian Chant motifs, mesmerizing textures, and echoes of urban scenes from England.

With "I Might Be Praying," Dobrucki pushes musical boundaries while honoring the rich heritage of sacred music. This album offers nine soulful instrumental tracks that invite listeners to find solace and reflection in the power of prayer. Listeners can immerse themselves in the transcendent soundscape of "I Might Be Praying" on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and all major music streaming services.

Arthur Dobrucki is a multi-keyboardist known for his ability to blend classical influences with contemporary sounds. With diverse musical projects spanning multiple genres, Dobrucki inspires audiences worldwide with his unique artistic vision.

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