Rockers in AsFireFalls grieve a blighted relationship with 'Know You'

May 20 2024

AsFireFalls is grieving a blighted relationship in the wistful new rock release “Know You,” now streaming everywhere. The song is the precursor to an album due out later this summer.

"This is lyrical journey through the bittersweet memories of a relationship that once promised so much, but ultimately left only emptiness and regret,” lead singer Kris Lindstrom explains. “The song paints a vivid picture of a love that never fully aligned, and the conflicting emotions of wanting to hold onto the good times while simultaneously wishing that it had never happened. Despite the heartache, there is a bittersweet appreciation for the experience and the understanding that life is a tapestry of both joy and sorrow.”

Those mixed emotions are presented in the carefully crafted sound that this Idaho-based rock band has mastered. “Know You” builds on the momentum of “Oblivion,” released earlier this year. Both songs are building towards the album release to come. AsFireFalls approaches their craft with an intentionality that reverberates throughout each single that they drop.

“We’re trying to write really good music that’s not offensive, but provoking,” singer Kris Lindstrom explains. “I mostly try to go for abstract thoughts and more thought-provoking lyrics, rather than overt words. I like abstract imagery and things that can apply to multiple situations. Like it might sound like a breakup song, but it could also sound like they’re dealing with something internally.”

AsFireFalls is an innovative rock band driven by DIY expertise, producing their own music out of a studio in Boise, Idaho. Their blend of crushing riffs, emotive melodies, and reflective lyrics create an immersive experience for listeners. Their thought-provoking approach has landed AsFireFalls a top 10 Christian Rock single in the past with “Branson the Bear.” They’ve also shared the stage with genre headline acts like I Prevail, Wage War, Mariana’s Trench, Switchfoot and Project 86.

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