Tedashii Releases New Single 'IYKYK'

Feb 25 2024

Tedashii releases his first single of the new year "IYKYK," kicking off the rollout for PT. 2 of the "Dead or Alive" series he launched in September of last year.

As the lead single for the upcoming "Dead or Alive Pt. 2" EP, “IYKYK” (If You Know, You Know) brings a new EDM-trap music influenced high-energy sound to Tedashii's discography. As Tedashii has continued to search himself in this season of reflection, his focus now more than ever is to allow the fullness of who he is and who God made him to be to become more evident in his music.

Tedashii adds, “This song is all coming from a place of pride in knowing God. I’m proud of what I know and who I am because of Him” says Tedashii. “All of us who follow God know how amazing it is to have our lives submitted to His will and this song is for those people. How do I have joy despite my circumstances? Well, if you know, you know…”

The first project of this series, “Dead or Alive Pt. 1” released in September of 2023, begins to recount the pain and trials he’s battled, leaving a highly-anticipated end of the story. With the project surpassing four million streams to date, he’s ready to follow it up with part 2 of the series to tell the rest of the story. It’s been a series that has captivated fans with Tedashii’s storytelling and topical explorations of mental health, struggles with injustice and very real warfare with the enemy as he goes through his healing journey.

Tedashii explains, "At several points in my own life, I've felt crushed under the weight of so many hardships and I've even attempted to end it all. It was in that moment I was faced with a choice, to live or die. Dead Or Alive is my journey of choosing to live, while saying to the listener what I said to myself: dead or alive, you decide."

Earlier this week, Tedashii officially teased "Dead or Alive Pt. 2" with a video. Now that he has shared his darkest life experiences, Tedashii is now motivated knowing he's still here and God still has a purpose for him. He's also hopeful that his story and will resonate with people who have had a similar experience and encourage them to choose life abundantly as he has.

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