Cody Towell Releases New Songs 'Finale' And 'Found On The Road'

Feb 21 2024

Cody Towell, a Christian artist in Nashville, Tennessee, is releasing his very first songs, including Christian pop anthem, “FINALE” and reflective Christian song, “Found On The Road”.

“FINALE” is an infectious anthem, and debut song, that explores the journey of experiencing times in life coming to an end and bringing a new beginning. This relatable experience, shared between people of all backgrounds and walks of life, is then directed to the most important and life-giving ending-to-beginning… life in Christ. So then, the ultimate finale of all time is the very exciting return of our Lord Jesus! What a wonderful and worshipful eternity we have ahead as believers.

“Found on The Road” is a heart-wrenching ballad retelling the Good Samaritan parable from the perspective of the beaten man. It goes on to show how Jesus uses this parable to teach about the selfless love that He Himself perfectly exemplifies, and then He calls us to love others that same way. “Found On The Road” identifies the brokenness of the beaten and abandoned with modern day rejection from the world and church hurt. Exploring these relatable topics then leads to seeking Jesus, embracing His compassion, and going out to share this good news while showing the same compassion He found us with. We have all been found on the road. This song is set to release on February 16, 2024, and will be promoted on Spotify by Courage Studios.

The music video is in production process and includes a depiction of the Good Samaritan parable (pictured on the cover art, often compared to the production quality of The Chosen), a depiction of worldly rejection, a depiction of church hurt, and an emotional expression of the relatability and redemption of these situations.

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