Caspar McCloud & Renae Truex Release Instrumental Album 'Outstanding In Their Field'

Feb 05 2024

Caspar McCloud and Renae Truex release their new album, 'Outstanding In Their Field', an instrumental album comprised of just guitar and violin tuned to 432 Hz, the supposed 'healing frequency'.

"The idea came to us whilst playing in Manchester (UK) this past September as we played in several churches", explains Pastor Caspar of this new side-project. "Music tuned to 432 HZ can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate according to researchers", he explains.

The seven-track instrumental album is available now on all streaming platforms. The music was written and arranged by Rev. Caspar McCloud (guitar) & Mrs. Renae Truex (violin), and is the precursor to the next Caspar McCloud Band full album, which is currently being mixed ahead of it's release.

Caspar McCloud Band released their newest album 'Higher Frequencies' in 2023. Pastor Caspar McCloud is a virtuoso guitarist, singer, and songwriter, an acclaimed portrait artist, as well as an equestrian, ordained minister, and bestselling author of five books. McCloud had the honour, privilege, and distinction of being the only Christian act on the bill with numerous legendary artists at what was the 50-anniversary celebration of Woodstock renamed the We Festival in 2019, and relocated to North Carolina.

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