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The Caspar McCloud Band are back with their brand new album 'Higher Frequencies'. Louder Than The Music spoke at length to Pastor Caspar and Renae Truex all about the inspiration behind this new set of songs, and as is always the case when we talk to Pastor Caspar, the conversation soon delved into some unexpected topics! Read on for his thoughts on everything from musical frequencies to UFO's!

Hi Pastor Caspar & Renae - you've just released your new album 'Higher Frequencies' - first up, can you tell us why you came up with that title?

PC: Excellent question, Dave. Let...
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Caspar McCloud
Jul 26 2022

Caspar McCloud

Caspar McCloud is back with his Band for the release of their latest album, 'Walking In Authority', a double-length album featuring Pastor Caspar's trademark lightning-speed guitar style. As always, the songs cover real world…


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