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The Caspar McCloud Band are back with their brilliant and inspiring new album 'Back to Back'. Regular visitors to Louder Than The Music will already know that Pastor Caspar is a treasure trove of Biblical knowledge and scientific theory - and in our latest interview with this exceptional singer, songwriter and guitarist, he doesn't disappoint as he delves into everything he sees happening in the world today. We also chat with each of his talented band mates to find out their views on recording music, and how they came to work with Caspar. Buckle up and read on for an...
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Caspar McCloud
Mar 03 2021

Caspar McCloud

Guitarist, singer, songwriter, ordained minister, and bestselling author, Caspar McCloud has started the year with two new songs recorded with his band. Louder Than The Music chatted with Caspar about these songs, covering themes…


Caspar McCloud Band Release New Album 'Back to Back'
Aug 10 2021

Caspar McCloud Band Release New Album 'Back to Back'

Caspar McCloud and his band are back with their brand new album 'Back to Back'. McCloud brings a breath of fresh air to Christian music by combining awesome new tunes with lyrics that speak the truth about societal issues in…

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