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Caspar McCloud is back with his Band for the release of their latest album, 'Walking In Authority', a double-length album featuring Pastor Caspar's trademark lightning-speed guitar style. As always, the songs cover real world, modern day issues and events, exploring themes and theories that other artists steer clear of. In Louder Than The Music's latest in-depth interview with the man himself, Caspar McCloud, we find out how he manages to keep recording album after album at an astounding rate, and delve into some of the subjects that he has turned from conspiracy to song. As always, all opinions and ideas...
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Caspar McCloud Band
Aug 13 2021

Caspar McCloud Band

The Caspar McCloud Band are back with their brilliant and inspiring new album 'Back to Back'. Regular visitors to Louder Than The Music will already know that Pastor Caspar is a treasure trove of Biblical knowledge and scientific…


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