Ruth A Harris Releases Second Christmas Single 'Silent Night'

Dec 05 2023

Ruth A Harris has released 'Silent Night', her second Christmas release following the release of 'Rescuer' in 2022. It’s Silent Night but not as you know it. The new release is a blend of the traditional with Ruth’s unmistakable unique style and love of rich chords and lush Christmas style instrumentation.

Ruth hopes that this fresh production will give the much loved carol a new lease of life and some new wings. She says “There is always something so peaceful about Silent Night, but sometimes it loses it’s impact because it is SO familiar. I wanted to bring new energy, bring it up to date; and add some surprises along the way. I hope it takes you on a journey of discovery into the holiness, but also the joy of that night- whether it was silent or not.”

Ruth describes herself as a “late bloomer“- restarting her musical journey only a couple of years ago-when she began writing songs to process the events of life. Since then, she has written and re-written many songs, and begun learning the craft of music production, leading her to release 7 self produced original songs. Most of her songs have an ethereal quality, and it has often been said that Ruth‘s music brings a sense of peace and calm to the listener.

As a writer, Ruth aspires to write music that engages the listener- music that helps people to feel heard, seen and known. Honesty and authenticity is a value that she treasures, and hopes that in a world of air brushing, highlight reels and false promotion that her music brings a breath of fresh air, as she attempts to “say it as it is“.

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