Mawcore Releases Power-Packed Single 'War Cry' Ahead of Upcoming Full Album

Dec 06 2023

Mawcore has brought their traditional, power-packed rock sound to new single “War Cry,” the lead single from their upcoming full length album of the same name. You can find the new single November 28 on Spotify and Apple Music, or at

“For us, it comes from a place of impossibility,” lead singer Joshua Redding explains. “It pulls from the story of Gideon. He was called to a fight where he was obviously outnumbered and out-skilled.”

For Mawcore, that story’s message can be expanded to any circumstances where we might feel hopelessly in over our heads.

Joshua continues, “It is an example of God using the impossible to remind us that all things are possible. It harkens to the cross, where Jesus did the impossible and not only died for our sins, but also defeated death by rising from the dead. Because of God doing the impossible, through the impossible, we can proclaim our War Cry as victory.”

That’s exactly what “War Cry” accomplishes with its full-bodied guitars and confident vocals. The lyrics harken to Christ’s call from the cross: tetelestai, meaning “it is finished.”

Hear our voices lifted high
It’s our war cry
it is finished
the battle’s won
It’s our war cry

The full album War Cry, which is due out on [release date], is a project 4 years in the making. Spanning a few lineup shifts in the band, the project features Joshua Redding on vocals and keyboard, Jeff Redding on guitars, Jeremy Redding on bass, Ryan Rice on drums, Chris Strupp on engineering and programming, Osvaldo Alomar on additional guitars and former members Paul Raynor and Ben Perry offering guitar and drums. Chris and Lori Peters-George (Skillet) from Ocean Studios worked on mixing the project, and Marc Frigo provided mastering.

“We feel we have grown spiritually, musically, individually and collectively,” Joshua Redding shares, reflecting on the years that brought this project to fruition. “We have always said we are on a mission to create fearless, hope-driven rock, but over the past 4 or 5 years, we have grown in our place in all of it. We are more aware of our purpose and mission, and we are excited to see how that continues to fuel what we do and who we get to impact.”

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