Joshua Webb Releases 'Rushing to Wait'

Sep 12 2023

Joshua Webb, an Australian-based New Zealand music artist (rapper) and songwriter, has released his new pop/rap album ‘Rushing To Wait’, with a reimagined version, and later a gospel album ‘Collaborations For The King’, to follow.

"This album again is a collection of songs written over a couple of decades but vastly different than the previous", he explains. "Lyrically a more mainstream one with inspiration from a larger variety of genres being unified by my vocals. This album truly offers something for everyone! It begins going in one direction, then shifts to another before taking another turn. Plenty of ear candy and a completely different cast of vocal collaborators. It was recorded mostly in New Zealand and Australia. The album title came to me many years ago rushing to make it to the bus stop on time only to wait for it to arrive (late). It’s music I’ve wanted to release for such a long time but there is never a perfect time so I’m not waiting any longer, it’s out there and I hope you like it."

Joshua offers a unique blend of hip-hop, gospel, rock, modern pop and dance ensembles drawn from real-life experiences, with a unique combination of musical influences. In July 2022 he released the album ‘Kingdom Rap’ followed by the reimagined version in August.

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