Third Culture Worship Unveils Powerful New Single 'You Run After Me'

Jun 24 2023

Third Culture Worship has just released their latest single “You Run After Me,” accompanied by an emotionally resonant music video that beautifully encapsulates the song’s essence.

The song, produced by Vaughn Thompson Jr., was born out of a literal dream. Its themes draw inspiration from the story of the prodigal son, offering a powerful reflection of unconditional love, acceptance, and the grace of return. As Vaughn explains, “Our prayer and release of this song is that The Prodigals would come home, and people would know that they are loved by God.”

Esteemed singer, songwriter, and actor, Terron Brooks, is quoted saying, “Third Culture Worship just created another classic that is reminiscent of their earlier greats like, ‘How Great is Your Love’ and ’The Question.’”

The music video, produced by Dylan Flores, is available on YouTube.

Third Culture Worship, founded by Vaughn and Irene Thompson and recently expanded with the addition of Randy Johnson, aims to celebrate cultural uniqueness, morphing the negative connotations associated with being “misfits” into an affirmation of being a Mixfit. This group embraces their diverse backgrounds and experiences to create a unique musical expression.

Vaughn Thompson Jr., Worship Pastor of Cathedral of Faith, is not only a graduate of Lee University and Fuller Theological Seminary, but also a sought-after guest speaker and worship leader, imparting his knowledge and passion across multiple platforms, including Worship Leader Magazine. Alongside his wife Irene, they have developed Third Culture Worship (TCW) into a powerful and distinctive voice in contemporary music.

“You Run After Me” is more than a song. It’s an affirmation of faith, a call to return home, and a reminder of the ever-present, unconditional love of the divine. Immerse yourself in the heartfelt lyrics and soul-stirring music of this extraordinary single and be prepared to be moved.

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