The Band 'End of I' Release First Single 'Our Cry'

May 19 2023

Debut band, End of I, have released their first single 'Our Cry' on national radio and digital retailers everywhere including iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon.

End of I started as a worship team in their local church lead by Jeremy Riley (vocals/guitar) in 2016. It was in that church where Jeremy was introduced to Randy “DOC” Healey (bass) previously from 6th Day Made,Rick Dubois (guitar) and Deshiel Cobb (vocals). Drummer, Noah Riley, was brought in shortly after. Their debut song “ Our Cry”, written by Jeremy Riley with co-writer Noah Riley was recorded and engineered by Brandon Whitlock and produced by Jeremy Riley and Brandon Whitlock at Pitchfork Studios and mastered by Daniel Keebler McKay.

When asked how the song “Our Cry” came about Jeremy had this to say: “2020 was a crazy time, we were in the midst of serious political tension all the while COVID had just made its way to the world stage and like most of the world, we were in lockdown. It was during this time through prayer and worship that the Lord highlighted Habakkuk 2. In this passage He points out how greed and idolatry will run rampant in the end times,but then in Vrs 14 he states-“For as the waters fill the sea, the earth will be filled with an awareness of the glory of the Lord.”

I realized that in the midst of all the evil taking place there’s going to be a remnant of the body of Christ that pierces the darkness during this time, displaying the glory of the Lord for all to see!” Jeremy goes on to say how during a practice session with his son, drummer Noah Riley, he felt the Lord say, “STOP following the media,STOP focusing on and declaring what the enemy is doing and START PROCLAIMING what I am doing.” “Instantly he brought Habakkuk 2:14 to my mind and from that the chorus was written--“Fill the earth with your glory, Let there be an awareness of your presence, this is our cry” What made this song even more special for Jeremy was being able to write it with his then 14yr old son Noah. “He actually wrote the drums and the guitar picking at the very beginning of the track.” states Jeremy Riley

This will be the very first single from End of I but we are expecting many more to come.

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