Philippines Group Thoughts And Notions Release EDM Single 'BNR'

May 16 2023

Thoughts And Notions is an Inspirational Power-Pop band from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines that aims to uplift wounded souls with their brand of music. They have released a single titled 'BRM' which is a new remix of their song 'Brand New Reason' with a new EDM sound.

"Brand New Reason was the first song that we released last year, without our longtime vocalist Thrina, doing the vocal chores. We had to improvise by featuring different guest artists to interpret our songs. We've released a couple more songs since then but I feel Brand New Reason could be something more. I mean this is not to knock the older version.

But while the original version is a very good song in its own way, I feel that there's an opportunity to turn this song into something sort of an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) type of song. Somehow, being exposed to Spotify's wide range of music genres opened my musical tastes. And it is of great privilege of mine to be able to have worked on this song with Dud Lemon. A very talented and rising beatmaker and artist who is just starting to explore his own art and music. Dud Lemon has so far released an EP collaborating with another talented rising indie pop artist Jonah Agas (you should check out her dreamy lo-fi, indie/synth pop EP). And though their collaboration just feels like magic (there's more coming from them), I wanted to "borrow" Dud Lemon and take his talent to explore something outside his comfort zone with Jonah. And this is how BNR came to be. Though admittedly, I was not really a fan of EDM/Disco music back in the day, but what Dud Lemon did on this song totally blew my mind.

BNR is a very chill and breezy song that would take you to the retro disco music years while evoking beach music vibes. Just perfect for a hot summer release. I'm actually surprised with the finished product. For I have lived the disco years and listening to the song made me feel a bit nostalgic of my younger years where disco music lorded it over the traditional radio airwaves. Of course, I actually told Dud Lemon to own the song like it was his. And sure enough, the end product made the song sound totally new. You'd actually think that this is a different song from the older one. Of course, the lyrics remained the same. Though Dud Lemon took the liberty to experiment on Kai's vocal tracks. This was totally a fun project to work with. Couldn't be proud enough to have worked with Dud Lemon for this song. As far as a Thoughts And Notions song is concerned, this is going to be another first in our song catalogue. And I could probably say that this feels like a first for Dud Lemon's own catalogue too.

The song is simply called BNR, the acronym for Brand New Reason. I feel it fits the song nicely. But the Korean words on the album art cover is the alternate title for the song (if google was able to translate it correctly). It's just a very simple hopeful and inspirational song, that encourages us to always find a Brand New Reason for you to live each day. There are a lot of things worth living for. You'd just have to put on your dancing shoes and dance to the beat that life takes you to. Of course, with HIM above being the great comforter that he is to bring direction to your life."

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