'All Together for Good' is the Latest Single From Husband and Wife Duo, Alabaster Grace

May 08 2023

Brad Perry, a highly decorated former NASA rocket scientist, and his wife, Joanie Perry, a dedicated educator-together known professionally as Alabaster Grace-have released their latest single, “All Together for Good,” from Westar Media Group.

For the follow-up to their most recent single, “Let Your Fire Fall,” the couple called on the talents of multiple Dove Award-winning producer Chris Bevins (producer and keyboards for Selah, Christine D'Clario, Salvador, Jaci Velasquez), to bring a unique perspective to the recording of “All Together for Good,” and to make it shine.

In addition to serving as keyboardist, Bevins brought in some of Nashville's other top studio musicians for the recording, including drummer Dan Needham (Amy Grant, Jeremy Camp, Michael McDonald, Sting), guitarist Mike Payne (Casting Crowns, Francesca Battistelli, Mandisa, Lauren Daigle, Natalie Grant), and bassist Jacob Lowery (Gaither Vocal Band, Seth & Nirva).

“Alabaster Grace has brought the timeless message of God’s faithfulness into clear focus with their new song ‘All Together for Good,’" says Bevins. “From Brad’s soulful lead guitars to Joanie’s strong vocal melodies and harmonies, the joy and confidence we have as believers is on full display. Weaving Scripture together with modern rhythms, singing, and clapping, this song will remind you that God can be fully trusted, and that He brings light and purpose to our lives.”

Joanie Perry, Alabaster Grace's primary songwriter, penned the song, while Brad Perry wrote the guitar parts and the powerful bridge. Together, Joanie and Brad further developed the song and crafted the arrangement along with Bevins.

“This song is based on the promise of Romans 8:28, 'We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to His purpose (NRSV),'” says Brad, an ordained minister who often shares a sermon along with Alabaster Grace’s musical performances. “This one verse encapsulates all of God’s promises from Genesis to Revelation, and it sits at the pinnacle of the Bible’s greatest explanation of what it means to be a child of God, as described in the first eight chapters of Romans. Romans 8:28 can change your life and make you resilient and cheerful regardless of your circumstances. Our latest single release, ‘All Together for Good,’ is focused on God's promise in Romans 8:28 to us as believers. When we focus on glorifying God in everything we do, He will work everything out for His good, and that is, by definition, for our good, too!”

“‘All Together for Good’ is based on the promise of Romans 8:28,” says Joanie. “Our ministry is focused on offering God’s hope and encouragement to a world that is in desperate need. This is a very happy song with a very catchy chorus: We know that all things together work / all things together for good to those who are the children of God.”

“‘All Together for Good’ is a perfect upbeat song for ‘all those who love God.’” says Kathryn Livingston, Westar Media Group’s Director of Client Services. “This song will brighten up your day and leave you inspired. I highly recommend listening to this new great single.”

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