Jamie Pritchard Releases 2nd Single And Title Track ‘Tapestry’ Ahead of EP

Feb 20 2023

Christian Singer songwriter and worship leader Jamie Pritchard, from Poole, has released a new single, ‘Tapestry ft, Nathan Jess’, the second of four singles before the six track EP ‘Tapestry’ is released on the 12th of May.

Following on from his 1st single ‘Alabaster Jar’ Jamie Pritchard has released the 2nd single of the project ‘Tapestry’ featuring songwriter, worship leader, producer and recording artist Nathan Jess, notably known for co-writing ‘Man of your Word’ by Maverick City Music.

‘This song was written off the back of two words, separately being shared in my local Church over two weeks, (with the second not knowing what had been shared the week before!) both referring to how God wants to take the broken parts of our lives and weave them back together, redeeming them, making them beautiful again, like a Tapestry. After these two words Nathan and I sat down to write into this, and out came ‘Tapestry’ as a song of hope that even if our lives seem a total mess, God can make them beautiful again, turning them into a Tapestry of His grace’ - Jamie Pritchard

With ‘Tapestry’ being written by Nathan Jess and Jamie Pritchard, Nathan Jess features on the song, and brings a beautiful heartfelt vocal performance on top of a band including soaring pedal steel, piano and earthy acoustic guitar that are a sonic signature of the upcoming EP.

‘I so love the image that God weaves together the fragmented pieces of our lives to make something beautiful. It makes me think of the Japanese art form of Kintsugi that repairs broken pottery with gold and how the result is more beautiful than what came before. It is in seeing the healing traces of grace holding us together that we see the beauty of Gods hand at work in our lives.’ - Nathan Jess, featuring artist and producer

‘I pray that whoever hears this song, would know that there is a God who loves them and who hasn’t given up on them!’ - Jamie Pritchard

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