Grammy and Stellar Award-winning Producer and Songwriter Kevin Bond Invites You To Enjoy 'Christmas Everyday'

Dec 06 2022

Musicologist and Consultant Kevin Bond is a 10-time Grammy and Stellar Award-winning producer, songwriter, and music industry veteran who has a monumental forty-year career in music. He is the former VP of A&R for Gospocentric Records in Los Angeles, CA, and former Governor of The Grammys Atlanta Chapter of the Recording Academy. Kevin has produced and written songs for Grammy Award-winning artists Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin, Oleta Adams, and countless others. His discography includes contributions to the inspirational original soundtrack for the DreamWorks animated epic film THE PRINCE OF EGYPT, LOVE ALIVE IV by Gospel legend Walter Hawkins, BIBLE STORIES (Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers), AWESOME WONDER (Kurt Carr), THE STORM IS OVER (Bishop T.D. Jakes), OUT THE BOX (Tonéx), TWENTY SIX FOUR (Avery Sunshine), and a vast list of other iconic albums and songs.

Kevin Bond is a musical genius whose ingenuity has helped contour the sonic attributes and commercial success of the Gospel music genre. He has devoted his prowess to Billboard Chart-topping, Gold, and Platinum albums and now takes the spotlight with his first solo album CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY.

"Through the years, I've worked for others, guiding their career desires, but this is something that I could do the way I wanted to do it," Bond explains. "I've been thinking about doing a Christmas record for about 20 years. After this pandemic, everyone is looking for something new and fresh. In addition, the pandemic should have birthed something out of us all during that time. So, this was the perfect time for me to do this project."

With a heartfelt love of Christmas music, Bond wanted to offer an album that would resonate for years to come. CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY is a musical tapestry of holiday classic songs in which everyone can find delight. Bond puts a cool vibe of groove on "The Little Drummer Boy" and offers a jazzy "White Christmas" to set the mood for holiday gatherings. He includes a soulful and soothing version of "O Holy Night" among the fifteen beloved holiday tunes on the album.

"The significance of this record at this time in my career is that I've helped others to ascertain and promote their dreams," says Bond. "I've taken a moment to reflect on my career and create a timeless piece. I created a work of legacy and a timestamp for this generation. In 2022, this encapsulates the sound of the atmosphere and will be available for my children's children."

Christmas music is special and is an essential part of the holiday season. Music helps usher in celebratory gatherings as we honor the birth of the risen King. Holiday music offers hope and guides us in moments of reflection as we set the tone for the forthcoming new year.
"Christmas music is always joyful, happy and bespeaks glad tidings," Bond shares. "From the slay bells to the timbers they use, it's happy, not a lot of minor or dissonant chords - everything is in harmony and reflects how we should live our lives."

He continues, "I want people to take this mindset and take it throughout the year and not just during these last few days of the year. This album signifies how we should love, care and watch over one another all year long, being overly concerned for one another. That's why I called the album Christmas Everyday."

CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY is an album of songs birthed out of love. Through music, Kevin Bond expresses his desire of bringing people together as we have endured the last few years apart and have experienced so much loss. Take time to offer gratitude as we gather with loved ones and worship the Savior and hope of the world.

This extraordinary album full of the sounds of the season is available now on all digital music outlets. Create, save and share your CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY playlist on YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music . You will find your favorites on this album and truly enjoy Christmas every day for many years to come!

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