UK Based Gospel Artist Isai Mars Releases 'He Lives'

Dec 02 2022

Isaï Mars, a UK based gospel artist born in Holland and raised in Curacao, has just released a song called 'He Lives'.

"As Son of a Missionary I was introduced to gospel music at a very young age and involved in writing music", he explains.

"When I got older I became a professional football player and fell into the baller lifestyle but when I came to the UK, I rededicated my life and decided I wanted to use my talents for the kingdom.

I’ve been doing lots of concerts around the UK and Netherlands and people loved the songs and I felt it was time to release the song that people have loved during the concerts.

I had a writing session with some of the youth in our church and came up with a simple catchy chorus so that everyone could understand the simple message that Jesus Lives.

After having the lyrics I needed a catchy beat to just vibe and chill with the song.

Ethan Morris understood exactly what I wanted and came up with an incredible beat with a Carribean and African feeling."

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