Australian Alt Indi-Folk Singer J J ARV Releases 'The Silent Call'

Oct 31 2022

Australian Alternative Indi-Folk singer/songwriter J J ARV releases her new single 'The Silent Call' featuring Farouk Jr. on 28th October. The song is described as a story of struggle and mental imprisonment that is completely changed through one encounter.

"This song tells a story of deliverance through one encounter with Jesus. It speaks from the perspective of Mary Magdalene and how she went from a place of imprisonment to the life she held to freedom in Christ", explains J J ARV.

Earlier this year J J ARV released a single titled 'No Gravity', also written in collaboration with Farouk Jr. from Trinidad and Tobago.

In an interview with Louder Than The Music last month, J J ARV explained that both songs are part of a series she's working on. "That is a part of a series of singles that I felt God laid on my heart. It is a cinematic single looking at the encounter between Mary Magdalene and Jesus and what this might have been like for her.

After this single I will be working on an EP of which “no gravity” is the anthem of. So back to some indie-folk songs that speak from my own life experiences and how I came through them. Writing of one of the songs on the EP was started in 2005 not long after my father died from a battle with cancer, but was added to in 2019 and speaks of how grief doesn’t have an end, but also that there is hope, peace and joy that can be found throughout this."

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