Indie Christian Rock Artist BLKGRYWHT Releases Third New Single 'The Dark Side'

Oct 31 2022

Brooklyn Sheppard, also known as Indie Christian artist BLKGRYWHT, adds a new single 'The Dark Side' to her roster of songs while continuing to make her start as a recording artist.

With a runtime lasting 2 minutes and 57 seconds, “The Dark Side” takes on a more punk/hard rock style in comparison to the first two singles, with “Worth the Wait” possessing a bright pop rock sound, and “When I Turn My Eyes To Heaven” donning more of a bubbly alternative rock

This single takes on a more daring and bold approach in stressing the importance of vulnerability in the face of apprehension and reluctance. In addition to a drastic genre change, the new single also features gut-wrenching lyrics that definitely emphasize BLKGRYWHT’s stance on blatant vulnerability.

“Being a person who struggles emotionally, I knew that I wanted to use my feelings as writing inspiration,” Brooklyn says. “One of the most important things to me is helping others understand the significance of vulnerability and confiding to people you trust. But I know that, most often than not, not everyone is just going to open up right away. And whatever is pressing on your heart, sin, guilt, or whatever it may be, is going to continue to have control over you until you verbally confess. Through songwriting, I hope that I can get this point across.”

This single was once again vitalized by Indie Christian producer Bryan Boliver, and this release marks BLKGRYWHT’s third single overall, with more music to be released in the following year.

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