Steve Bridgmon Readies New Single 'God Must Be Laughing'

Aug 30 2022

Nashville based Christian and Country vocalist Steve Bridgmon releases his new single 'God Must Be Laughing' to streaming and radio next month. "After a year, it felt great being back in the studio making brand new music", he expressed. "The first single will drop this September."

2020 was a tough year for Bridgmon, who lost his sister to brain cancer. Just four days later, his dad passed from Covid 19. He says losing them both gave him the strength and drive to make them even more proud. “This is the way I grieve; I push harder.”

Even with the pandemic, Bridgmon pressed on, performing over 100 dates this past Summer 2021 across 26 states. “I think people were ready for live music, the people came and supported me, which is something I’ll be forever grateful for.” With Jesus Still Loves Me at radio, adult contemporary Christian stations from Canada to Australia have added the song to their rotation. The idea that he is reaching listeners on the other side of the globe is hard for him to fathom, but it is what needs to happen to get through these tough times.

What’s next for Bridgmon? A full Contemporary Christian album is on the horizon. “my team has been listening to demos, even writing, and we’ve picked out some amazing songs.” Although he doesn’t want to stray too far from his country roots, he thinks he may be reaching more listeners on the CCM side. “I have people in New Zealand, Canada, etc. tagging me in posts that they love the song and that means so much to me.” He recently took the stage at the reboot of one of the most successful Christian festivals in history: Ichthus. “Being asked to be part of that event, considering it was held in my home state of Kentucky, really made me feel welcome in the contemporary genre.” Bridgmon said.

Bridgmon has performed on the Grand Ole Opry Stage three times and sang the national anthem for the Los Angeles Lakers twice. “It’s really not about how many people you sing in front of, it’s about how many people respond to what you have to say or sing about.”

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