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After Tragedy and Heartbreak: Bridgmon Ready for What's Next

Nashville based Steve Bridgmon is an established singer/songwriter. Louder Than The Music chatted with Steve in 2020 about his 'Push Back' album, but just one month later he encountered not just one, but two devastating bereavements. In our latest interview with Steve, he talks about coming to terms with loss, the strength of the people around him, and how he plans to return to music.

Hi Steve, it's nearly a year since we last spoke to you on Louder Than The Music. I understand that shortly after our last interview with...
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Steve Bridgmon
Jun 22 2020

Steve Bridgmon

Nashville based Country artist Steve Bridgmon just released his single 'If You Believe It', taken from his latest album 'Push Back'. Louder Than The Music chatted with Steve to find out how he got started, how his music impacts…



Steve Bridgmon - Jesus Still Loves Me
Oct 13 2021

Steve Bridgmon - Jesus Still Loves Me

Nashville based Steve Bridgmon has released his latest single 'Jesus Still Loves Me', featuring Jeff Bates & Danielle Wilson. Steve's recent releases, including 'You Can Always Come Home', a duet with deep rooted female…

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