Indie/Soul Singer Songwriter Mark Barlow Releases 'Hymns & Soul'

Aug 16 2022

Mark Barlow is an independent recording artist who has flown under the radar for the past five years as a hyper influential force of creativity and soul in the Christian music industry. Mark Barlow’s music is uplifting, compelling, and completely medicinal. His honest and heartfelt music ranges stylistically from retro cinematic soul and gospel to indie and pop, tied together by an undeniably soulful voice and profound lyrics.

Each project builds upon an unforgettable message of togetherness, pure authenticity and divine love, resulting in music that grooves the soul and stays on replay. Mark’s versatility, sonic range, and authenticity as a performer continues to cement his place as a staple in today’s generation of new soul hitmakers.

The genesis of Barlow’s soulful sound and sincerity began in his 6 year old heart having grown up in a black megachurch in Chicago IL, Living Word Christian Center. With 18,000 church members surrounding, his young soul reverberated with the sounds of the choir, a world-class gospel band, and soaring melodies. Leading gospel artists like Vicki Yohe, Donald Lawrence, and Walt Whitman and the Soul Children of Chicago would come perform regularly on any given Sunday.

Like a sponge soaking in that juice, now when you squeeze him, soul spills out from every fiber of his being, and stirs his passion for togetherness, deep relationships, and the family essence of church.

Barlow began working in 2015 with Isla Vista Worship, one of the leading worship movements in the Christian independent space. Barlow’s debut song with Isla Vista Worship, “So In Love”, was not only Isla Vista Worship’s first-ever gospel song, but became an immediate hit - charting over 12 million streams and counting. This song became a gateway for Isla Vista Worship’s reach to expand and enlightened a high demand for sincere, soulful music within the DIY/indie world. Shortly after, Barlow co-released a bedroom-gospel mini-album appropriately entitled “Soul Hymns”.

Deeply inspired by the reception of his first album, Barlow began to lean into his soul roots even more so to create a sequel to Soul Hymns. Remembering the history of soul, being that Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Etta James, and others, grew up in the church singing gospel songs prior to creating their lovesongs, Barlow followed suit to create Hymns & Soul, “the long-awaited reunion of Love & lovin’”.

Spotify and Apple Music gracefully selected Hymns & Soul for various editorial playlists “Fresh Finds”, “Fresh Finds R&B”, “Retro Pop”, “Retro Soul”, “Morning Commute”, “Radar US”, “Pop For Life” and many more; sharing the same space and listenership with modern soul icons like Silk Sonic, Leon Bridges, Allen Stone, Vulfpeck, Bruno Major.

Now with the re-opening of live music in America, Barlow will embark on a west-coast tour in September, 2022. As he prepares for the road, his pioneering with Isla Vista Worship will continue as well as his booming solo career.

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