The Welling Project Announce Debut Single 'Just Like Heaven'

Aug 08 2022

The Welling Project are releasing their debut single, "Just Like Heaven" on August 19th. "The Welling Project is a diverse group of worshippers who came together, many people not knowing one another, to write songs and see what God would do with us as a group", explains Arthur Lane.

"The song "Just Like Heaven" was the result of one of our members, Marcell, shouting "make it just like heaven" during spontaneous worship the first night. Gabby Lane, the organizer of the project, couldn't get the line out of her head. The day the group was set to record another song that had been written, Gabby said she felt God was pushing them to write a song centered around that line.

A few hours later, Just Like Heaven was recorded. We are so excited to bring this uplifting song to all streaming services."

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